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  • Progression

    A client's training status will improve over time. The personal trainer needs to apply the principle of progression so the training stress or intensity continues to be greater than what the client is accustomed to. . Read More
  • Overload

    Even the most muscle- or activity-specific resistance training program will produce only limited results unless the client experiences overload (a training stress or intensity greater than what a client is used to). Read More
  • Specificity

    Specificity refers to training a client in a specific way to produce a specific change or result). Read More
The human body will maintain or increase muscle size when used... The human body will lose muscle mass when not used...

Personal Trainer, Weight Lifting Training, Pyramid and Periodization Training, Russian Kettlebells, Weight loss and Nutrition

Why use a personal trainer or weight lifting trainer?

  • Provide Periodization training for sport specific activities
  • To discuss, review and suggest changes to your diet to aid you with your with weight loss or weight gain goals
  • To gain knowledge on weight lifting form for proper execution on lifting movements
  • Provide KETTLEBELL training and reduce the risk of injury
  • To identify weak areas and improve strength in those areas
  • To develop abdominal and back muscles (core) preventing possible back injuries
  • To prevent you from possibly injuring yourself
  • To have a knowledgeable personal lifting trainer help identify your goals and guide you in obtaining those goals
  • To have a personal trainer help you realize you can accomplish more physically than what you thought possible of yourself
  • If you are over 40 discuss the effects of Sarcopenia and how to prevent it.

What are reasonable goals?

  • Weight loss, Increased strength for athletic activities and competition endurance
  • Increased muscle or lean body mass
  • Feeling more positive about yourself physically (better self image)
  • To slow the aging process
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase back strength and decrease back problems

Service Offered

  • Strength – Weight Training
  • Kettlebell training
  • Diet and Nutritional Consultation
  • Group Fitness – Boot Camp
  • Zumba Exercise Classes
  • Yoga Class

Mission Statement

My mission is to transfer essential knowledge about diet, nutrition, anatomy and strength training through my services as a Personal Trainer. I will accomplish this by teaching, on a one to one basis, about muscle development and retention in order to accomplish each person’s individual goals.

Senior Training

One of my goals is providing strength training and training specific education to the those 50 and over. This demographics is the largest segment of the growing population. The medical industry has strongly suggested the health and wellness benefits associated with strength training. Strength training/weight lifting may not increase your life span, however, training will dramatically increase the quality of our lives as we age. We provide both one on one strength training and class for senior level training.